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Diversity, EQUITY
and Inclusion

UA PRSSA has continuously strived to serve our members by enhancing their public relations knowledge, providing access to experts and leaders in the field, and helping develop students into young professionals. However, we now also understand our part in educating our members beyond the world of PR and realize that to leave them as strong professionals, we need to focus on developing them into strong people; that includes a renewed focus on diversity and inclusion. 


In 2020, UA PRSSA formed a DEI Task Force led by former VP of DEI Katrin Friesen, and the UA PRSSA executive board held tough but necessary conversations about how we can be a better organization and commit to being more diverse and inclusive. This tab on our website is meant to serve as a resource to our members and PR community, as well as a platform for not only our own DEI initiatives but for The University of Alabama’s and its various organizations, other PRSSA and PRSA Chapters around the nation, and professionals of our industry.



What do “diversity” and “inclusion” mean to UA PRSSA?

Diversity can be seen through age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation and education. It is what sets an individual or group apart from another while still championing equality. Through acknowledging and respecting these differences, we are able to empower those around us, increase the diversity of thought within our organization, and better meet the needs of our clients and audience. 

Inclusion is the organizational effort to ensure that individuals with different backgrounds and beliefs are socially and culturally accepted and equally treated. Inclusion is all-embracing and fosters a sense of belonging and value. It is deeply rooted in our organization’s culture and mission to ensure everyone is heard and represented in our industry. 

Our DEI Pillars

  • Practice, support and initiate conversation about diversity and inclusion within public relations.

  • Listen and learn from diverse peers and mentors in the public relations community.

  • Recognize and rectify misrepresentation and underrepresentation in our campus, industry and society.


Check here for any DEI events happening around UA and in the PR industry.



Get Involved


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