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Exec Board Summary: Fundraising Committee Leader

Name: Jada Culver Position Title: Fundraising Committee Leader Position Duties: I handle all fundraising initiatives for our chapter in order to ultimately raise the money that will allow us to send members to national events and host chapter events, such as this year's Regional Conference. As fundraising committee leader, I am in charge of leading a committee and helping plan all additional chapter events.

What did you do in your position this semester? Besides hosting social and restaurant fundraisers, there were two main tasks that I handled. First, every year PRSSA National hosts a campaign competition where all chapters are invited to participate. This year's competition was the KIND "No Compromises" Campaign where I served as the team leader and head campaign director. Our task was to raise awareness among 500 students on campus about KIND bars, and we did so successfully, earning first place in the competition. Second, I served as the Regional Conference coordinator for UA PRSSA's second Regional Conference, titled "Innovating Tradition: Diving Deeper into PR."

What qualities or characteristics does it take to do your position well? To serve as the fundraising committee leader, a person must be driven, proactive, positive, organized and a good communicator. Being creative is also hugely important. Our chapter is always looking to improve the way we host fundraisers, and someone who can come up with new and innovative ways to raise money is a great fit for this position.

How much time did you dedicate to your position? In the fall I dedicated about 10 hours per week to the position due to the KIND "No Compromises" Campaign, and we were also in the beginning stages of planning for Regional Conference. Planning for Regional Conference continued a bit over winter break, and when we returned to school I dedicated a lot of time to the event. After Regional Conference was over and my schedule returned to normal, I would say I only spent about five hours per week on fundraising tasks, including hosting meetings, preparing for events and planning sessions. Regional Conference was a huge exception to the regular schedule of the fundraising committee leader, and since we can't host one two years in a row, next year’s leader need not worry about it.

What would you like to go back and tell yourself before taking on this position? I would advise myself to rely on the team I have. The people on my committee stepped up and were there at times when I was overwhelmed and didn't want to ask for help. So, if you’re in this position, ask for help! Know that everyone on the executive board is more than willing to be an extra hand, and you'd be surprised how many people show up when you simply ask for help. Additionally, know there is a lot of freedom to create new ideas. Tradition is great, but innovation is greatly welcomed!

How does your position fit in with or engage with the rest of the executive board? My position works closely with about every member on the executive board. When we have an event to promote, the first people I contact are the social media committee leader, the secretary and the director of public relations. Additionally, all of my events must be approved by our president and vice president, as well as our wonderful adviser, Tracy Sims. After every event I connect with our vice president of finance to coordinate money logistics, and I also work closely with the PRSA liaison to help plan events.


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