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Exec Board Summary: Secretary

Name: Katie Gatti Position Title: Secretary Position Duties: I'm responsible for communicating with the chapter at large through email reminders and updates, answering individual questions from members and prospective members, keeping in touch with regional chapters during events and sending meeting recap emails to all members.

What qualities or characteristics does it take to do your position well? Be forward-thinking, organized, efficient and a quick typist! It also doesn't hurt to have professional email skills and to be prompt.

How much time did you dedicate to your position? It's hard to say; it definitely varied by week. I'd say around two hours weekly, but sometimes more depending on what events or meetings were taking place.

What would you like to go back and tell yourself before taking on this position? I wish I would've bought a big calendar ahead of time that had several months displayed at once, then written down all meeting dates — that would've made it easier to "see ahead" and know when to start sending out reminders! I also wish someone would've given me a master list of members and showed me how to upload CSV files (contacts) from Excel. I'll definitely show the next secretary the ins and outs of Gmail mass mailing so he or she doesn't have to figure it out alone.

How does your position fit in with or engage with the rest of the executive board? My position facilitates communication and serves as a liaison between general members and the board.


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