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The Modern PR Powerhouse

The Kardashian empire has become so ingrained in American society that it has turned into an integral part of the millennial generation. While many have negative perceptions of the billionaire family, it’s hard to ignore the fact they’re truly a PR powerhouse.

“Spin” is not typically a positive word in the public relations industry, but for Kris Jenner, it is something she does and does well. She took a jarring situation and turned it into the extremely successful brand “Kardashian” is now. Being the active manager (momanger) for her children, she certainly has a lot on her plate.

The Kardashians are not known for their singing, acting or dancing expertise, but rather their socialite American status that is now a worldwide phenomenon. This is a direct result of superb public relations. The Kardashian name itself has been quite commonly used that it is nearly just another word in the English language. This is something any business wishes to accomplish.

Such a successful brand has been birthed from the Kardashian name that it’s more successful than many prominent businesses. From its award-winning reality TV show, multimillion social media following, countless talk show visits and more, this family is one the public enjoys “Keeping Up” with. Over the years, the public has become increasingly infatuated by their lives and it isn’t uncommon to almost feel as though you’re part of the family.

The digital landscape has drastically altered with the introduction of social media. The many platforms offer a unique experience for brands to form intimate connections with publics, which makes social media such a vital tool for a PR practitioner. The Kardashians are no strangers to social media, and they take advantage of the capabilities to interact with their growing fanbases.

Relatability is a key component in what gravitates publics to a celebrity, and is something that the Kardashians do a good job of achieving. Enduring family drama is something many of us face, and it is currently viewed in the reality TV series, along with the joys being a family brings.

Overall, we can truly learn a thing or two on how to create a lifelong brand from the Kardashians. The family’s ability to take a seemingly negative thing and turn it into the reality powerhouse it is today is something not all successful PR practitioners can accomplish. We can all agree that whether you ”Keep Up” or not, you certainly know the Kardashians.

By Katrina Waelchli, VP of Social Media



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