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How to Create an Online Brand

Think about your favorite company, social media influencer, or blog. What do these things have in common? They each have things about them that make them stand out amongst the rest. While it could be a color scheme, a logo, or symbol, we remember things that stick out to us. For example, Apple has become so recognizable that when you see an apple logo on any device you immediately know what company created that product. Your brand should be the same way. It should be uniquely you and when people see it they know where it came from.

The first step to developing your online brand should be a pen and a piece of paper. Write down what kind of message you want to be conveying to your audience. Think about who your target audience is and then research what tactics you should be implementing to reach them. Whether that be a blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. you need to be aware of how to get their attention.

Then, create an SWOT analysis. These are the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats that are affecting your company. Realizing what you already have, lack, should seek out, and who/what else is out there will help you learn what you need to improve upon. Be realistic with your brand and most importantly, own it.

Next, think about your look. How do you want to present yourself to the world? Knowing the way you want your brand to look is a crucial part in the development of it. Having a certain aesthetic could be what sets you apart from your competitor. I recommend having a central theme in your online brand, which could be applying similar filters to each photo or using colors that compliment each other throughout your platform. Your design should be memorable and creative.

Finally, create it! Whether you want to start a blog or create an online portfolio you need to be generating content consistently. Start creating what you want and do not be afraid of failure. Having a brand is something that simply means you stand out and are recognizable to the public.

Written by Skyler Brown, Bublications Committee Member.


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