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UA PRSSA Alumni Spotlight: Kennedy Studdard

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Skills, relationships and opportunities. These are just a few of the benefits Alabama alumnus Kennedy Studdard remembers about becoming a member of  PRSSA.

Studdard graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations from The University of Alabama in 2017 and is now undergoing the Associates Program at Ogilvy. During her time at UA, she was highly involved in PRSSA and was impacted in such a way that she wants to share with others the benefits of being involved in this organization.

Studdard says that PRSSA taught her how to authentically network and how to become a leader. It also made her aware of the endless amount of opportunities within the College of Communication and Information Sciences and of the various sectors of public relations.

While in PRSSA, Studdard decided to join the executive board in order to surround herself with other talented peers who were well-informed about the PR industry. Being on the e-board equipped her with skills that she could use beyond her college career and instilled in her the mindset of never being afraid to take on a challenge.

“There are some fundamental skills (like persistence and patience) that PRSSA and the peers and faculty in C&IS helped ingrain within me, and I'm so thankful to have now out of college,” Studdard said.

Above all, Studdard cherishes the connections she made while being on PRSSA committees. PRSSA provided her with mentors and friends to support her and guide her through her job and internship hunt.

“Those connections can become your source of inspiration and strength, as they did for me,” Studdard said.

Some final advice that Studdard left students with is to utilize all of the programs provided by PRSSA, build up your portfolio every semester, become friends with rejection and learn from it, and have confidence in yourself and your skillset.

"If you really want to make a statement, make it hard for them to say no. Looking from the outside in now, being a PR major at UA means you've got unlimited options, so make the most of what C&IS has to offer,” Studdard said.

PRSSA has a committee for everyone and allows students to practice and strengthen their skills in different areas of PR. These committees provide members with great résumé-builder opportunities, and range from marketing and promotions to diversity and inclusion. The best part about these committees? Everyone is accepted regardless of skill level. Check out all of the committees PRSSA has to offer here.

By Anna Jones, Publications Committee Member


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